Ditching the blog

I felt it was time to ditch my old blog and create a new one. I’ve had it for 5 or 6 years now and while I’m still proud of the writing on it, I felt the time had come to update both the platform I was using and how that content was managed. Also there was some issues with the content, but I’ll come to that later.

My old blog, which you can read here, is on Blogger. It’s a platform that still works well but it looks a little bit dated and I am no longer happy with how the content and layout affect the site’s traffic.  Also despite quite getting a decent number of hits still, despite not posting for almost a year, it feels like it lacks a general theme or themes that connect the writing together. The aim of the blog was simply to allow me to write – and to test the durability of my attention span. And write I did: much of the writing is politics but it also covers a lot of music, pop culture and gig reviews. I’m still interested in the issues that I’ve written and discussed, but I find that as I get older my desire to write about certain topics changes, or turns to other issues.

So, my objectives for this blog are different too without changing my overall goal – to write as much as I can. I want this to blog to both be a place to bring all of my writing together – journalism, blogging and fiction – and to also write about the process of writing fiction, a process I’m doing more and more these days.

I would still like this to be a place to write my opinions on the news, write reviews and to discuss the issues of the day; yet one thing that I would like to receive this time round is more feedback and input from those who read this blog – either regularly or by pure accident. So, to that end – I would like to engage more with fellow bloggers and writers and to make this blog more successful than my last one.


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